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WHMCS Module Installation

Upgrade your business with the WHMCS billing and automation platform.

WHMCS Theme Developer

WHMCS Theme Design will customise the installation, which will specifically work out for you.

WHMCS Website Integration

WHMCS has integrated with a growing list of apps and third-party services.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It is used for the creation and management of web hosting services. WHMCS was initially developed as a control panel that allows automated provisioning of cPanel web hosting accounts using the Web Host Manager Control Panel.

For your business online needs, WHMCS is an All-in-One Billing Solution. It is perfect for all which includes multi-million-pound companies to small scale start-ups. By providing online recurring billing and automation WHMCS is now a leader worldwide. This platform is secured, highly extendable and regularly updated. WHMCS provides you with a solution that can scale to the needs of your business and at the same time keeps the cost of supporting and billing your customers low.

WHMCS Features

Automation Features

This is one of the greatest features of the WHMCS which allows the setup of accounts, upgrades suspension, and much more. This automatically terminates the accounts which are no longer required or being paid.

Developer Friendly

For enhancing your experience you can develop addons and modules. You can use local and remote APIs to perform a specific action with WHMCS.

Billing Feature

The billing feature allows you to invoice & bill your own customers in as many different currencies as you want. When invoices of your customers are due to payment then this will automatically send a reminder to them.

Support Tool

We can track the communication with our customers by using the integrated support ticket system. With the help of this, we can assist our customers and can allow multiple staff members to respond to support tickets.

Scale Your Business By Complete E-Solutions

No matter what you are building, whether it is an e-commerce store, subscription service or designing modules, the user will feel the best possible experience ever, as WHMCS makes scaling more efficient and faster.

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Hire us to manage the support of your WHMCS. Get 20% extra on your first buy! Contact now so you can focus on your business goals while we maintain and manage your business website.

WHMCS Development Services

With a pocket-friendly Budget WHMCS customise WHMCS themes as well as modules for all kinds of businesses.

WHMCS Development Installation
WHMCS Installation

WHMCS Installation is a self-hosted platform which is an ultimate feature of WHMCS, which means you have full control over the customer's data and the installation. Use the following process to install WHMCS:

  • Unzip the contents of the zip file on your device.
  • Rename the configuration file.
  • After this, upload the whole WHMCS folder to your website. Your installation will be complete but if you experience any issue, then try uploading the folder in binary mode.
  • This one is optional. Rename the admin folder.
WHMCS Optimisation

WHMCS optimisation means running WHMCS efficiently with upgraded software to smoothen your business performance. Now, there are more upgraded options in WHMCS that will enhance the performance of the program.

WHMCS Optimisation Service
WHMCS Theme Design
WHMCS Theme Design

WHMCS Theme Design will customise the installation, which will specifically work out for you. The main thing is the theme design matches the taste of yours and your client. It is difficult to figure out the ideal customisation path for your business but, WHMCS Theme Design makes it easy for you.

WHMCS Integrations

WHMCS has integrated with a growing list of apps and third-party services. It combines with many of your desired applications. Anyone can perform actions and operations from an external third party by using WHMCS API. The other important part is not only to choose the WHMCS integrations that are needed to enhance your business line but also not to puzzle your clients.

WHMCS Integration Service
WHMCS Module Development
WHMCS Module Development

The module is a collection of functions that provides additional functionality to the WHMCS platform. Module class autoloading comes under the WHMCS module development. This enables the automatic loading of classes stored in a prescribed way in WHMCS modules. With the help of this feature, the work of module developers to create helper classes becomes easier. WHMCS Module Development allows third-party addons that can be integrated into WHMCS to add additional functionality to the panel or with another service. We can install any 3rd party addon/payment/provisioning module for you.

WHMCS Consulting

WHMCS Consulting will provide a reliable consultancy for all your WHMCS solutions. It operates round the clock to make sure that there is a prompt response to whatever needs our global client base has at one point in time.

WHMCS Consulting
WHMCS Latest Version
WHMCS Version Upgrades

You can upgrade your website with the latest WHMCS Version for enhancements and to acquire new features without any kind of disruption to your business or risk of data loss.

WHMCS Marketing

You can enter into the competitive world by enhancing the ROI of your WHMCS. It is the perfect service that will boost your business just like anything.

WHMCS Marketing
WHMCS Automation
WHMCS Automation

Upgrade your business with the WHMCS billing and automation platform. WHMCS Automation is one of the great features that allows the setup of accounts, upgrades suspension, and much more. It simplifies and automates all aspects of operating an online web hosting and domain registrar company. Also, it automatically terminates the accounts which are no longer available or have not been paid.

WHMCS Can Also Be Used To Automate Provisions On:

VPS Hosting USA

VPS Hosting

WHMCS VPS Provisioning

Email Accounts

Automate VPN Accounts

VPN Accounts

Game Servers Hosting

Game Servers

WHMCS Automate Domains


WHMCS Can Also Be Used To Automate Provisions On:

VPS Hosting


WHMCS VPS Provisioning


VPN Accounts


Game Servers Hosting


WHMCS Automate Domains


3rd Party Module Installation

3rd Party Module Installation service is a complete package in which our experienced designers and WHMCS developers will install themes and addons to your portal. Our experts will make sure that modules are properly configured to fit your website. The service is unlimited to any WHMCS addon/themes to install in a clean WHMCS portal.

WHMCS Developer Hosting

Limitations & Drawbacks

  • With one WHMCS site, you can get 10 days of free support with this service package. The installation will be completed by our developers in one working day according to the addon modules and theme.
  • Backing up your files and database installation of your new extension. And testing that extension is running in your WHMCS site.
  • The guarantee given by us is for our installation, not for third-party modules/addons or themes.

Information to proceed with the installation

  • FTP (and SSH) access to your WHMCS server (including the username, password, and IP or host address).
  • Access to your server control panel or database manager to set up a MySQL database backup and setup.
  • Access to your WHMCS admin section details for configuration of the theme/ addon module.
  • When you provide this information to us, then this works the fastest and effectively for us.
  • If no conflicts occur, it takes up only one working day to install and configure the addons and themes.
  • Being installed by WHMCS developers so the installation service guarantees that you will not face any technical problems at the very beginning.
WHMCS Developer Information

What Else WHMCS Services Include?

WHMCS is a featured pack of web hosting client management panels. It includes almost all the tools required to make customer creation and management happens, which includes:

Customer Support

Customer Support includes quick troubleshooting of server problems, informing the client about the setting of the server and its software as well. Website backups are also taken at customer's request and many more on their own.

Billing Management

Billing Management is a support system that enables you to handle the whole process from signing up to termination, with automated billing, provisions, and management. It is designed to track time, billing as well as customers' invoice for services and products.

Fraud Management

Fraud Management is a rule-based fraud detection product. B2B to prevent the losses arising from fraud attacks.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration establishes a set of the start of authorities records in the DNS server of the parent domain that indicates the IP address of the DNS server that is authoritative for the domain.

Custom Software Development

Offer Personalised To Your Need

Software Customisation

You cannot sit idle if you want to be dynamic in this competitive world, and this same applies in the case of Software. Software customisation is crucial to automate your daily tasks and help you to achieve all your goals.

Note: Every customer does not use the software in the exact same way. Features can be added or removed on additional requests of the customer's needs.

Reporting & Statistics

To display orders and incomes, you can generate graphs/reports by tracking the transactions. With the help of Reporting and Statistics, detailed logs allow you to keep track of all payments and see how much money you have earned per year, month, or day. To highlight and display orders, income, and ticket ratings over a certain period of time, a consumer can generate graphs and income forecasts.

Highly Recommended

Our WHMCS Developers provide the best WHMCS Development Services in the UK. We have 9 years of experience that is gleaming day by day. We offer our customers 24/7 UK based support, uptime guarantee, no contracts or hidden fees.

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24×7 Support Service

Our support service is 24×7 available for you to manage your portal efficiently. Are you still having doubts? Contact us now.

WHMCS Installation & Configuration Benefits

We will install the latest version on your website. Below are the features that we will provide with the installation and some other minor custom requirements.

  • Install WHMCS on one server or hosting account.
  • Organisation configuration of cron jobs to automate tasks.
  • Automation & general setting configuration.
  • Configuration of up to 5 services/products.
  • Setup domain registrar addon & pricing.
  • Setup requested payment gateways.
  • Setup of email piping & support department.
  • Rename your WHMCS admin folder name.
  • On request, create protective admin folders.
WHMCS Configuration Benefits

Support And Maintenance Services

Support and Maintenance Services play a crucial role in the success of your business. When you have a shortage of time, it is hard to find the right WHMCS Developer to handle your website's tasks. No matter if you are an enterprise-scale website or just launched, our WHMCS Support and Maintenance Services is always here for you.

WHMCS Experts

Our WHMCS Experts

For every issue that comes under the WHMCS Support and Maintenance Services, our AMC experts handle it quickly. Some of the cases which come under AMC support service are as follows:

  • Site not working
  • Domain search not working
  • Invoice paid but email does not send to the client
  • DNS not working in WHMCS
  • Billing emails not working
  • And many more

What Else WHMCS Support and Maintenance Services Include?

WHMCS Content Update

Content Update

WHMCS Plugin Development

Install/ Update Plug-ins

WHMCS Immediate Breakdown

Immediate Breakdown

WHMCS Developer License

Licensing issue

WHMCS Domain Issues

Domain issues

What Else WHMCS Support and Maintenance Services Include?

WHMCS Content Update


Install Update Plugins


WHMCS Immediate Breakdown


Licensing Issue


WHMCS Domain Issues


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